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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 530P  FOX  March 6, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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sunday sports zone. a complete half hour dedicated to manning memories. in his 18 years career. here in the nfl. for now live at broncos >> . all right. so much he did off field. we have more on that. on we have a lot more coverage ahead tonight. including his legacy.
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our special coverage continues tomorrow morning. at five a.m. on good day colorado. at eleven tomorrow morning you'll see his announcement live. and if you are at work. you can watch it on our web site. or or news app. >> . hao efrs here's your chance to salute the sheriff. we need your help sending him off in style. so share your fan pictures. you can post them on our facebook. right now. or e-mail them to tips at >> . more on manning and also remembering one of histories most influential first ladies. >> the life and legacy of nancy regan.
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shows us how her influence reached across the rocky mountains. tkpwhr good evening. one long time advisor once said without nancy there would be no governor. no president. indeed their relationship their partnership. their love story. will be studied for years to come. and today much of the worlds stopped to remember the former first lady. >> . one of the most admired women in american politics has died. the doting wife of president ronald. passing away in california. at the age of 94. from heart failure. >> . relationship with her beloved ronny. as she called him.
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american politics. with mrs. serving as partner in the home. and in the o oval office. >> . i can't imagine a marriage being any other way. but the way ours was even after wards. the things she asked to attend. and go through. i think that's a respect that you don't buy you earn it. >> the former tp ers lady was born in new york. and met her husband when both were actors. from there she became first lady of california. then the united states. and then princal care giver. as he battled alzheimer's. she talked about that.
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that's the sad part. >> ot balm family today calling her their example. the bushes say they take comfort in that she's finally reunited with her husband. mrs. regan will be buried at the library. beside her beloved ronny. >> . what's so impress iive. there's so much stress with that job. and they stayed so close. >> reunited. >> . peyton manning of course hanging up the pads for good. >> ahead we take you through the star studded career.
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esrvce only to return and take denver to super bowl 50. now hanging up the saddle after 18 years in the league. >> . our sister station. in indianapolis. from the house. that peyton manning build built. >> a look at his incredible career. >> born into football royalty. the excelled in high school. and college tennessee. he was selected number one over all. in the 1998 draft. took it to a whole new hrefl with the colts. winning in the a super bowl in indianapolis. but his journey to denver that brought on a new chapter. and closed with a storybook ending. it was impressive.
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finish his career. with a championship. but. at the end of the day, it is time to call it a career. >> 4 years ago. he was recovering from 4 neck surgeries. and the colts release -dz him. >> the most coveted free agent was courted by a number of teams. march of 2012. come back player of the year.
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he had 37 touch downs. and mannings an neck wasn't an issue. a super bowl was in their tkpwras grasp. until. >> year one was a bust. year two brought this offense to another level. >> the 2013 broncos became the greatest regular season offense in history. and peyton manning shattered single season records. including 55 touch downs. and five thousand 476passing. mvp for the fifth time. what manning coveted most. he couldn't get.
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>> 2014 once again a super bowl or bust year. manning broke the all time touch down record. and started hot. his body started showing its age. another early exit in the play offs. this time, by the team that cut him. >> manning returned for one more run. a new coach and new system. he had a great defense. despite his struggles. the broncos were still winning. and then they weren't. the 39 year-old suffered another injury. and he was benched. a glimpse of the future. entered. while number 18 watched from the sideline. the legend of manning continued on january 4. in the regular season final. leading the broncos to victory. >> the starting job was his again. beating the steelers. manning won the final meeting with brady. and got his final shot at the
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>> . his team won it for him. sunset. a champion. >> feels like yesterday. when he came to denver. tomorrow we say good-bye. after 4 incredible seasons with the broncos. >>
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>> it is sad to see one of the sports great quarter back like him go. because who knows when someone like that will achieve what he did. >> . it's time. he went out on a high note. >> peyton manning was awesome for the city. and i think that him going to the broncos was great for him. and i think he did our city proud. >> he's still here in spirit. >> . so many fans. sad to see him retire. they say they admire him for the on the field. and off. they say while this maybe the last time they see number 18. manning. they don't think this is the last they'll see of peyton
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>> . tonight we're talking to the fans and players. tune in tomorrow morning at five for good day colorado. then at eleven watchmanning make that announcement. live. right here. site. or down load the news app. >> . over the last month to a month and a half or so. this one no exception. skies. the sun trying to make its best attempt to make an appearance. it's failing at this point. mainly cloudy skies over head. despite that fact. temperatures did very well. again today. 59 right now in denver. 59 arbdz 69 degrees. just imagine if we saw some sunshine. today. probably could have got -b to the record high of 75. we fell just shy. 69 degrees.
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numbers of 52. currently in the upper 50s and low 60s. from the is it i to the east. and mountains still in -lt 20s. upper 30s. with a couple light rain showers. just to the west of the city. in the foothills. scattered light snow showers back to the west. otherwise cloudy. skies over head. we're starting to see the pacific moisture crank in. the next storm system. marching towards the great basin. heading near the 4 corners. as it continues to inch closer here, the snow showers and the mountains will continue to enhance. and eventually we'll get that wet and perhaps winter weather. here across the city. by the time we get into our
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>> a winter weather advisory in effect. through six o'clock. tomorrow. be careful. if you're driving around the high country. 34 over night tonight. in the city. mainly cloudty. the mountain snows continue. into the day tomorrow. 53 we cool down. rain showers in the afternoon. maybe a couple wet snow flakes. late. no accumulation expected. after ward. sunshine and warmth.
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>> w ed we'd like to take a moment to honor some of the big winners last night at the colorado broadcasting association award ceremony. fox took home five awards. best weather caster. and best specialty reporter brented to presented to dan.
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very lucky here.
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